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Past Life Regression
with Robin Duncan

     Free Consults Available for New Students**

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Private Life Coaching, Prosperity, RelationshipBusiness and Spiritual Mentoring
with Robin Duncan, Personal Life Coach, Business & Spiritual Mentor

Having a Personal Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor is one of the quickest ways to find and release the obstacles that are keeping you from moving towards greater happiness, well-being, abundance, and fulfillment in your life. You will gain tools and insight from an experienced Life Coach that will help you have breakthroughs in the areas that are most important to you.

The Private Life Coaching and Mentoring Program is designed for those who are committed to freeing themselves from negative thoughts, patterns, habits, and behaviors through learning how to follow guidance from Higher Consciousness, combined with time-saving one-on-one private coaching support, application of
proven techniques, and encouragement from your Personal Mentor. Along with our successful coaching methods, our sessions include the teachings and spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles.

What to expect in a Private Life Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring Session
In your Private Mentoring Program, we will create a customized action plan to move you forward in the quickest possible way, including a personal inventory, beliefs worksheet, helpful homework exercises, and other tools, audio prayers, support, and guided mediations to help you gain momentum. Your Personal Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor will lead you step-by-step through the process and point out areas where you might be tempted to sabotage yourself so you can avoid them. This program is designed to help you deeply explore and neutralize what
is hurting or holding you back in the areas where you need support.. You will also:


  • Identify & neutralize the "hidden root causes" of what is frustrating you,
    making you feel STUCK, or keeping you from moving forward

  • Learn how to pray and "tune-in" to Higher Consciousness for daily guidance

  • Obtain a structured "game-plan" on how to resolve persistent challenges,
    sensitive situations, and/or repeating negative patterns

  • Achieve life-changing results from application of A Course in Miracles

  • Finely-tune your listening and response to Higher Guidance

  • Learn the difference between higher mind and lower mind thinking

  • Expand your spiritual understanding 

  • Discover what your loved ones and others are here to teach you

  • Accelerate your spiritual development

  • Gain clarity about your life path and purpose

  • Receive practical spiritually-based sound support for all areas of life

  • Create a happier, healthier, and more enjoyable life

  • Experience a sense of “unshakable” peace to help you move through any challenge

  • Gain practical tools to help you move through life challenges more easily

  • Remove obstacles keeping you from experiencing love and harmony in your relationships

  • Learn a powerful new response to life’s issues, problems, and challenges

  • Gain a greater sense of safety, direction, clarity, purpose, and confidence, through
    learning to rely on the Higher Wisdom of your Inner Guide

  • Free yourself from negative thoughts, fears, patterns & behaviors through practice

  • Experience a deeper connection with God, Holy Spirit, Higher Consciousness

  • Experience greater happiness, confidence, and awareness of your “True Self”
    in Oneness with Spirit/God; the Creator, Source, and Unlimited Supply of All in All





This program is designed to help you deeply explore and neutralize what is hurting or holding you back and provide coaching support in the following areas based on your personal goals:

Life Coaching - Personal, Business & Relationship

  • Personal Life Coaching

    • Deep Inner Healing

    • Emotional & Physical Healing

    • Prosperity Counseling

    • Weight Loss

    • EFT Tapping for Rapid Stress Relief

    • Confidence & Self-Esteem

    • Addiction & Habit Cessation

    • Depression & Grief Counseling

    • Test & Performance Anxiety

    • Relief from Guilt & Shame

    • Fears, Phobias, Trauma & PTSD

    • Breaking a Negative Pattern

    • Self-Hypnosis & Guided Visualization

    • Hypnotherapy for Deep Inner Healing

    • Discovering Your Life Path

    • Financial Challenges & Credit Repair

    • How to become a Healing Practitioner

  • Prosperity Counseling

    • Manifesting Your Heart's Desires

    • Breaking the Pattern of Lack

    • Releasing Guilt About Money

    • Financial Fear

    • Being a Good Receiver

    • Tithing & Magnetic Wealth

  • Relationship Counseling

    • Love Relationships

    • Attracting a Loving Partner

    • Dating & Fear of Intimacy

    • Dealing with Difficult Relationships

    • Healing in Family Relationships

    • Separation, Divorce or Betrayal

    • Forgiveness & Healing

  • Business Coaching

    • Enlightened Leadership

    • How to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur

    • Executive & Management Coaching

    • Being True to Your Vision

    • Creating a New Business

    • How to Start a Business

    • Healing Business Relationships

    • Following Divine Guidance in Business

    • Establishing Processes & Procedures

    • Tapping into the Divine Business Plan

    • Strategy & Goal Achievement

    • Integrating Spirituality in Business

    • Streamlining Business Processes

    • Morale & Team Building

    • Production & Recording

    • Online & Email Marketing

    • Creating Auto-Responder Programs

    • How to Conduct a Tele-Class

    • How to Make YouTube Videos

    • Organization & Time Management

  • A Course in Miracles Mentoring & Spiritual Coaching

    • Learning A Course in Miracles

    • How to Pray for Yourself & Others

    • Forgiveness & Grievances

    • Prayer & Healing

    • Life Path & Spiritual Development

    • Becoming Miracle-Ready

    • Getting to the Root Cause of a Problem

    • Accelerating Your Spiritual Journey

    • How to Listen to Higher Consciousness

    • How to Quiet Your Mind

    • How to Meditate

    • Claiming Your Divine Inheritance

    • Q & A's for A Course in Miracles Application

    • How to become an ACIM Spiritual Counselor

    • Walking in Spiritual Mastery

    • Next Steps

Private Life Coaching and Mentoring sessions are offered in packages and are typically one hour in length per session. Sessions may be conducted by Phone, Skype, or Zoom and are scheduled based on your personal preference. In-person sessions are also available (if we are in the same local area at the time of your scheduled session). Consistency in scheduling sessions is a valuable factor in determining our client’s rate of success. After purchasing the program, you will be sent a link to schedule your sessions. All sessions include the foundational spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles, along with Prayer, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), the Source TechniqueTM, Guided Meditation, Visualization, Hypnotherapy, and other non-invasive modalities, as needed. Package Options are listed below.



Email us with your Package Selection and
you will be sent an online invoice for processing:


Email your package selection to:

Some Testimonials
“Robin, you are truly an angel on earth. I feel so blessed to have found someone who listens profoundly, loves completely, and who is guiding me towards my best self. My intention has always been to inspire and empower others. I now know that I must do that for myself first and I don't have to do it alone. Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart.”
Deborah Dockerill-Weed

“YOU are fantastic! You are very easy to listen to; you are poised, organized, knowledgeable, gentle, loving, confident and, best of all, sharing from a real connection with Spirit. It is clear that you live what you teach and that high vibe comes through. I'm in the field too - I'm a coach and hypnotherapist (among other things) and you are inspiring me to improve and grow in my practice.” Big hugs from the East Coast,
Su Crutchfield

“Robin, I have to thank you again for my healing session. My energy has completely shifted since then and I feel so much happier and positive that I will make a full recovery. You are truly gifted and magical. You have so much powerful, beautiful energy, and are truly an Angel on earth. Thank you for also sending me the link to the recording from our session. It was beautiful and so powerful and I want to listen/meditate to it daily. Thank you so much. I love you with all my heart!!!!”
Bridget Hood

“Robin, all of your work and materials are so professionally done! I KNOW this work
will not only help me, but also my family, friends, and many others! I am so grateful to have found you - I AM learning SO MUCH from you!” Love & Blessings!!
Elizabeth Welch

“Hi Robin, I am so excited to share the amazement and wonderment I feel!! I sense this wonderful movement and expression inside of myself, from the teachings of The Truth that you shared. Such a beautiful breakthrough for me! Tears of JOY, Robin. Thank you so!!! Thank you Lord!!!”

Trish Reiland

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