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PRE-LAUNCH SPECIAL PRICING - 3 DAY SALE - Exp. Aug. 6th at Midnight

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Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis
Online Training & Certification Course
with Robin Duncan 

Become a Certified Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Practitioner!
Join me LIVE, Spring 2022, for an Online Presentation of my Sound Therapy & Voice Analysis 
Training & Certification Course

$97 - 2 Day Course without Certification

$297 (Reg. $495) - 2 Day Course with Certification

Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Course

About this Course
This Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Course is going to bring the puzzle pieces together in your mind. You will have a much clearer understanding of why people are the way they are, why they act the way they do, and why some people are attracted to certain people (yet they are repelled by certain others). You will learn why the voices of some people deeply touch you, while the voices of some others can sound like nails on a chalkboard. All in all, you will learn much more about yourself and your relationship to others through sound.

Some people ask me why I teach Sound Therapy, Voice Analysis, EFT, and other holistic modalities, while my main focus and teachings are based on A Course in Miracles. My answer is this... I understand that "All Healing is of the Mind", yet while we are here walking in illusions, there are certain tools I have come across that have made my life and journey easier. For that reason, I would love to share these tools with you. If you were thirsty, I would offer you a drink of water (even though water is an illusion). If you were hungry, I would offer you something to eat. Even though we are walking in illusions, water sure tastes good when you are thirsty. We still get up in the morning, get dressed and eat several times a day, and until we are beyond those things, there are a few tools that I have found to be helpful on this journey. They are: Prayer, the Bible, A Course in Miracles, loving companionship, EFT, Meditation, a good Coach or Mentor, a playful day or week off, great music, and sound therapy when I need a boost.

I have found that when we are able to calm and quiet our minds through prayer, meditation, EFT, music, and/or sound therapy, we are able to turn inward more easily. We can then listen for Guidance and Answers from our Perfect Inner Guide and Teacher without distraction. The tools and training I share on this website are for that purpose. It is my hope that these tools will make your journey of awakening a little easier, more comfortable, definitely more peaceful, and perhaps more humorous and entertaining along the way. We are guaranteed a full awakening by the Holy Spirit, our Perfect Inner Guide and Teacher, Who will not fail us.


Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis -
No musical knowledge or singing is required.

Now... let me tell you why you will love Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis!

In the world of illusion that we have made, there are 12 tones on the musical scale. The 12 tones are:  C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb & B.  You do not need to be a musician to benefit from nor understand Sound Therapy. It is something you can learn and benefit from, even if you have no background in music whatsoever. 


Every time you speak or form a word, you are speaking in one or more of those 12 tones. Your body is like an instrument with 12 strings, and generally, not all of the strings are being played or utilized every day. Each one of those tones has a purpose and if you are not engaging all of the tones with your speaking voice, you are not receiving the benefit of the tones you are missing. These are things I will explain in more detail during the class.




It is said that the human body has 7 primary energy centers called "chakras", and each energy center has a unique responsibility for processing certain feelings and emotions. For instance, if your 1st chakra is blocked, you might experience feelings of low energy, disconnection, instability, lack of personal power, low self-esteem, and/or a general feeling of isolation or distance from others. These feelings can be reclaimed simply by listening to the tones that you are not giving yourself with your own speaking voice. It sounds simple... because it is simple. That is why I LOVE it!

Through a process called "Voice Analysis" we can listen to and chart another person's speaking voice with a sound tuning device. This whole process takes about 20 minutes. From this chart, we are able to determine which frequencies in their speaking voice are active, over-active, and under-active. Ideally, if all 12 tones in the musical scale are showing up on the person's chart, this is a good indication that the person you are charting is quite balanced and activated on all levels; physically, emotionally, spiritually, in their relationships with others, and even financially.


If there are missing tones in the person's voice chart, this means that the person can benefit from listening to the missing tone(s) that they are not naturally giving themselves through their speaking voice. I promise it will all make sense by the end of the class.                           

Once we identify the frequencies that are being "broadcasted" through a person's speaking voice (or NOT broadcasting, as the case may be),  we can then use Sound Therapy (at a very low volume) to either release blocked energy and/or restore inactive frequencies. This helps to clear and balance the body’s energy field.  You can benefit from Sound Therapy even while you are awake or asleep. You can simply play Sound Therapy on very low volume as background music (on loop mode) and this method is perfectly safe for children, seniors, teens, adults and pets.

Voice charts are as unique as fingerprints. Every person's chart is different, and there is no perfect chart. At different times in our lives, we focus on different areas (i.e., career, relationship, spiritual growth, health, fitness, etc.)  Our voice is a blueprint of our intention and will reflect that focus. While we are not perfectly balanced (tonally) at all times, we can come closer to a balanced state of being, allowing our body’s energy centers or chakras to function more consistently and efficiently... and you will FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!  This balanced state of being is noticeable, resulting in greater feelings of groundedness, personal power, creativity, prosperity, libido, energy, love, ease in communication, intuition, and/or spiritual connectedness (depending on the area of the body that is being activated).


Sound Therapy is safe and non-invasive
Our Sound Therapy is perfectly safe and useful for adults, seniors, teens, and children, as well as pets. You can use it even during sleep, at work, or at home without distraction. Join me in this 2-Day Training Course and I will blow your mind! 

Why Attend Now?
Once you complete our Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Online Course, you will most find another healing modality that is likely to be a FAVORITE!
 It is quick, easy to use, safe, and the results are quite noticeable. As an example, imagine going to a meeting that you are feeling worried about. You can throw your Sound Therapy on your car sound system, while you are on the way to your meeting, and you will feel noticeably more powerful, grounded, and clear in preparation for your meeting. It is just that EASY! Your clients will be amazed at how much you can help them in a very short period of time. 

Who Should Attend?
The Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Training Course is for those who would love to learn something new and remarkably helpful for just about everyone. One of my clients was an 80 year old woman with low energy and depression. After charting her voice and sharing some sound therapy with her to sleep to at night, after  just 1 week, she came bursting into my office in a new business suit and declared that she had started a business. It is amazing what can happen when we listen to some of the tones we are not giving ourselves. Come and enjoy this fun and lively class!

You may register for this course with or without certification. If you would like to submit your 20 practice session feedback forms, take the final exam and apply for certification at a later date, you may do so for a processing fee of $300. You have up to one year from your date of purchase to complete certification requirements and apply for certification.


LIVE Events & Online Course Access
For the Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Certification Course, you will receive online instructions, along with access to all LIVE Online Presentations, Written Training Materials, Instructor Demos and all replays. If you cannot attend one or more of the LIVE Events, you are welcome to enjoy the replays of the LIVE events at your own pace. You have up to one year (with 24/7 online access to all training materials) to successfully complete the certification requirements, if certification is desired. You are also welcome to attend this course for personal growth and healing. All participants will receive access to video replays for the courses they purchased. Your purchase receipt is your confirmation for registration.

Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Certification Requirements
If you would like to become a Certified Sound Therapy
 Practitioner ("STP") with and, you must meet the following requirements for certification. (see below) Once certified, you may use this designation ("STP") in your one-on-one professional practice. You are not authorized to translate these materials or teach them to groups, without attending our "Train the Trainer" event to be held at a later date.

The requirements for certification are as follows: 


  • Attend the LIVE Training Events and/or watch all classroom and demo videos 

  • Follow instructions from your Course Instructor

  • Successfully pass an open-note final exam 

  • Complete 20 Practice Client Sessions with positive results and submit Feedback Forms

  • Complete a positive phone interview with your Instructor

Our goal is to make sure you feel confident and capable as an Certified Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Practitioner, so you will not hesitate to share Sound Therapy with others.


We reserve the right to refuse certification for anyone who is determined to be not acting in a professional, ethical manner with clients. If this is determined to be the case, a portion of your class fee for certification will be refunded.


Important - Equipment to bring with you to class
In order to attend this Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis Training Course, you will need to purchase a sound tuning device to bring to your first day of our online class. Here is the link for what to purchase - Click Here. Please note that I do not make a profit on this device. It is just something you need in order to prepare your voice charts.


Important - Waiver of Liability

By participating in this event or any event by Robin Duncan and, you acknowledge that you are taking full responsibility for your health and well-being. You acknowledge the you are waiving any and all liability for Robin Duncan,, The Miracle Center of California, and their related parties and affiliates. These events are intended to be helpful, non-invasive, and uplifting. Many of these events are being recorded and will be shared as replays with others at the sole discretion of Robin Duncan. By registering for these events, you waive all rights to these recordings and you further authorize Robin Duncan to use, sell, or distribute these recordings at her sole discretion. These events are not a replacement for your regular healthcare, medication, meditation, or medical treatment. If at any time you are uncomfortable or displeased with the content, you agree to step away from the event until such time that you feel comfortable to participate. You agree to waive all liability for Robin Duncan and her affiliates and related parties, as well as for other members of the class or group. I, Robin Duncan, reserve the right to refuse entry or withhold certification from anyone who is not upholding the standards and ethics deemed necessary to provide a safe and loving space for group learning, sharing, and support.  Thank you.

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